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How are naturopathic doctors different from MDs?
Like medical doctors, naturopathic doctors are trained extensively in clinical sciences and diagnostics. The primary difference is that naturopathy focuses on the whole person, and seeks to identify and treat the underlying imbalances, rather than addressing health issues or symptoms in isolation.

Most importantly, naturopathic doctors treat health conditions with safe and effective natural medicines that the body can process easily. Pharmaceutical drugs and surgery are recommended only when needed, and often they can be prevented and/or worked in conjunction with supportive alternative natural remedies to speed your healing.

Can your doctors prescribe medications?
Yes. Our naturopathic doctors have prescriptive rights in Washington state. We prefer to use botanical medicines whenever possible, but can have a pharmacy fill prescriptions as needed.

A Path to Natural Health has an extensive in-house professional dispensary that carries high quality, doctor-reviewed nutritional supplements

What happens during my first visit?
Before your first visit, we ask you to complete a Health History questionnaire to tell us your medical history and health concerns.

During your first visit, we’ll discuss your health issues, provide recommendations for diagnosis and treatment, and the estimated costs for any follow-up visits and lab tests that can help heal your condition

What should I bring with me?
If you have copies of previous medical records or lab results, please bring them to your first visit (or when relevant).

If you are using insurance to cover your visits, please bring your insurance card with you.

How many visits will I need?
The frequency of your office visits depends on the nature of your condition and how long it has been present. We create an individualized healthcare plan to meet your specific needs.

Initially, you may need to come more frequently so we can adjust and fine-tune your care plan depending on your symptoms.

Do you sell natural medicines?
Yes. A Path to Natural Health is a complete professional dispensary of high quality natural medicines, such as homeopathic remedies, botanical medicines, vitamins and minerals, and metabolic cleansing formulas. We provide you the best products at the best price, and as they are prescriptions, there is no sales tax.

For your convenience, you can also shop and place your order on our online dispensary. We will ship the products out to you within 24 hours (depending on inventory).

I don’t like pills; are there other options?
Absolutely. Many herbal supplements, vitamins, and cleansing formulas come in liquid or powder form, if you’re more comfortable with that. Nutritional and lifestyle changes may improve your health as well.

What types of tests do you use?
We use a wide range of diagnostic tests to determine deficiencies, dysfunction, and disease. Typically, the tests examine blood, urine, stool, and/or saliva. Some tests are conducted in the office, while others are take-home tests you can do on your own. The home tests are easy to use, and include instructions on what to do. You mail those tests directly to an outside lab, and they send results to us so we can review and discuss everything with you.

When do I pay for office visits and lab tests?
If you do not have insurance or your insurance plan does not cover Naturopathic Medicine and/or acupuncture, all visits are payable at the time of your office visit.

What kinds of fees can I expect?
Initial consultation fee $275  follow up visits are based on time with an average of $150 per appointment.

Lab testing can be done in-house and/or sent to local or specialized outside labs for processing.

Do you accept health insurance?
For patients visiting us at our Issaquah,Washington location our doctors are contracted as “in-network” with Premera, Regence, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, United, Cigna, Aetna, First Choice, and Lifewise. It is your responsibility to check your Naturopathic, Diagnostic Lab, and Acupuncture benefits BEFORE your first visit. For our patients working remotely with our doctors, fees due at the time of service and a receipts will be provided you can submit to insurance for  possible reimbursement.

How do I find out if I’m covered for this care?
Contact your medical insurance company and ask specific questions, including (but not limited to):

  1. What is my “in-network” Naturopathic coverage?
  2. What is my “in-network” Acupuncture coverage?
  3. What is my “in-network” out-patient rehabilitation coverage?
  4. What is my “in-network” diagnostic lab coverage?
  5. What is my “out-of-network” diagnostic lab coverage?
  6. Do I have a deductible? Is the deductible inclusive (one deductible for all visits)? What amount has been met?
  7. What is my co-insurance after my deductible is met (% paid by insurance and patient)?
  8. Do I have a co-pay?
  9. Are there any restrictions on the number of visits for: Acupuncture, Naturopathic, Out-patient rehabilitation?

***Make sure you ask the following questions for both in-network AND out-of network benefits, as they can vary depending on your plan***

What are your shipping and return policies?
You can find our shipping and return policies here »

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